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Who and What We Are~OUR HERITAGE

October 3, 2009


The banner of a people and nation can only wave as high and as proud as the hearts of those it represents.  The Confederate States Third National and the Confederate States Navy Jack officially represent the Southern People.   Unofficially – by wide acceptance – we include the Confederate Battle Flag, with its variations and sizes.  But beyond these stand the symbols emblazoned upon each of these flags: the starry Cross of Saint Andrew, otherwise known as the Southern Cross.

Across the face of Europe and throughout more then a millennia, Saint Andrews Cross and our Rebel Yell have marked our travels.  Our present day conquerors, like the Romans, will one day pass away!  When their empire is dust, the starry cross of Saint Andrew will once again fly high over beautify Southern skies.

Our Confederate Banner remains the thorn in the side of our occupation forces, the roadblock to complete assimilation and extinction. Below its furls, any differences our people may find within their own numbers, pale beneath its furls.   In the latter part of the 20th century, our Southern banner flew proudly above Confederate troops in Vietnam, Poland, Moscow, Berlin and the Persian Gulf Wars: its image censored from mass media footage, lest it offend.

The people of the Confederate States of America, while living under the occupation of a foreign power, have been unable to celebrate our own history, heritage, culture and nationhood.  We lack the advantages of commemorating our own special holidays, but rather have little option then to see our calendar of events covered with those of our occupation forces.  Still there are some things we can do, and that is to remember and celebrate privately if we must or in Confederate Groups, wherever and whenever we can manage to gather together.

The Confederacy and its history, heritage and culture is like an undercurrent, which continues to move unnoticed, just below the surface, gathering momentum, preparing towards that glorious day, when we shall once more be a free and independent nation.  When our Constitution shall be reactivated and our nation will once more stand upon the world stage.  We shall then rise up a generation that knew not the occupation or the years of cultural cleansing, but will openly and freely celebrate all things Confederate and Southern.

The special dates (which can be found on the sidebar) should be remembered and passed on to our children; there are other worthy dates, but these constitute a minimum.  We the Confederate People must remember our past, while looking to the future, inasmuch as our honored past, present and future are linked together in an unfolding chain, which makes us unique among the peoples of the earth.  But more then anything, let us never be ashamed of:


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