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Confederate States Navy

October 21, 2009

Confederate States Navy Department Seal

Confederate States Navy Department Seal

So, you don’t think the Confederacy had much of a Navy, huh? Well you’d be sorely misinformed and mistaken. Let’s talk about that for a moment. These are the types of ships they had:

Ironclad steam-powered batteries, Ironclad floating batteries, Wooden floating batteries, Wooden cruisers, Ironclad cruisers, Gunboats, Torpedo boats, Government blockade runners, Government steamers, Government transports, Cutters, Hospital ships, Tenders and tugs, Privateers, Privateer submersible torpedo boats, Civilian steamers, Civilian transports, Civilian blockade runners, Foreign blockade runners, CSA cotton-clads, and Other CSA boats.

Now let’s take a look some names:

Confederate Naval Ships

I know, I know; you’re laughing right now. That’s not much of a Navy is what you think. Well I hate to break the news to you but all told the Confederate States Navy had a total of 218 Vessels! You stopped laughing now, didn’t you. Well you’re in luck if you follow my blog. I served in the United States Navy and have a strong passion and love of vessels and the sea. This is one aspect of the Civil War I don’t think gets enough credit or is talked about much. That’s about to change. Southern Sentinel will be taking on a massive project, I plan on giving the history of as many of those vessels as I can. Trust me you won’t be disappointed, I have already begun culling the history and data and have a great number of ships/vessels history already.

I plan on promoting and or posting about two ships a week. Obviously with this many vessels and ships this project will go and or take a little over two years to cover. However I believe you will enjoy it and walk away with a greater and better understanding not only about the war but the more than overlooked battles dedicated men fought in on the high seas. And perhaps when this project is done you to may have a love for ships, vessels, and the sea.

Navy Motto:

Semper Fortis

Always Courageous

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  1. Roadog permalink
    October 23, 2009 2:39 am

    I am looking nforward to reading your entries.

  2. Loucas permalink
    July 29, 2010 4:22 pm

    Dear Sir

    i thing it would be better with the name of the Confederate naval ships to add next to the ships name and the name of the captains of the ship as some words of the history of the ships.

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