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A few weeks ago my very best friend approached me about starting a blog about the south. I have several different blogs and types, he (my best friend) has seen them all and thinks rather highly of them. Which is why he approached me to blog about the South. I didn’t really say much about it or give a firm answer if I would or not.

I am active on a few blogs and or forums dealing with the South, its heritage/preserving it as well dispelling myth and out and out lies about it. I believe if you’re going to run off at the mouth about something you darn well better have your facts straight; the good, the bad, and the ugly. If your going to sling around out and out crap then you better know the truth, the WHOLE TRUTH. So I find myself starting this blog to do exactly that.

To set the record straight!

Now many of you might not like it. What will be said or told here, your feelings may even get hurt by reading the truth, however I really couldn’t care less. I will no longer let the lies continue without someone standing up to rebut them, so here I am and here I shall do that.

I’m just a hard headed Southern Boy who is proud of his Family and Southern Heritage. I love my Family and Friends, I love to laugh, and I do love the South. My Confederate Flag waves proudly and I will brag about it.

I’m proud of my Southern Heritage and want everyone to know the truth on issues relating to the South and the Confederate Flag. Our kids need to be taught what is being left out in school and that is up to us. Racism and Hate are things I have no tolerance for, Teaching the Truth I strongly believe in, so let’s teach our kids the Truth and show that just because some people have taken up our Confederate Battle Flag in a degrading manner does not mean that this hateful manner is behind our cause.

Don’t just take my word for it, look back at history, not the history our schools are teaching, look at both sides of any issue and the truth will come through. Don’t settle for what the victors or the media give you as truth, get the other sides of the story before you believe. Be proud of who you are and where you come from. I am here to help teach and learn the Truth, especially when it comes to Southern Heritage, God, and my Family.

Always remember no one is FORCING you to be here (at this blog) reading the TRUTH! If it offends you, you may leave the way you came in. The truth, the WHOLE TRUTH will be spoken here it will not be hidden. I will not be Politically Correct and I will not promote or tolerate any Hate Groups.


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